Our Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!) - Non-Emergency Medical Transport...

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Here are the questions most commonly-asked of our owners. Please contact us if there is anything else we can answer for you....

What type of transport do you offer? We offer all types of patient and medical transportation, including transportation for nursing homes, outpatient facilities, clinics, hospitals, cancer patients and more.

Do you offer ambulance service? No we offer non-emergency medical transport.

You say God is you CEO? What do you mean? We have been blessed in our lives and in our business and we owe that to a higher power. We chose this Motto to let people know we are Christians. We also want people to remember that God is in charge. We believe in giving our clients the care and attention they deserve, the same service we would afford our families and loved-ones.

What made you enter this business? Living in Citrus County Florida, we noticed that there was a large elderly population, plenty of doctors, nursing homes, and two hospitals. We also saw a lack of transportation options locally for these venues. We decided to take action and provide an inexpensive service that would help our senior citizens regain some of their mobility and freedom.

Are your employees responsible and properly trained? We want you to know that we hire only people that are able to complete our rigorous training program. We also conduct a complete nationwide background check on each employee. We perform pre-employment drug testing on all employees and conduct random drug testing. We currently have all employees receive physicals. We are proud of our people and want you to trust in our ability to care for your loved one while in our care.

When other transports and taxis say "NO", DASH says "YES!"

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